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Business Law

We Can Help With Business Law Matters

Business law encompasses a wide spectrum of issues. They include creating the initial organization of your business; choosing your entities form and management structure; dealing with compliance of employment laws when hiring staff; obtaining a commercial lease or acquiring property; establishing the everyday contracts and agreements you use with your suppliers and customers; and the potential winding down or passing on of your business.

Our attorney at Fayan Law, P.C., can help with these legal issues a business is likely to encounter and more. We have a strong background in business and can help you with discreet transactional matters; with broader issues, such as providing counsel and legal advice for operational aspects of your business; and with dispute resolutions and litigation.

Litigation Needs?

Sometimes you just don't have a choice and must turn to the court system to protect yourself. If you're considering filing a lawsuit, we can help. Fayan Law, P.C., provides effective access to the civil courts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for businesses. Our attorney's litigation training began more than 15 years ago working with some of the top trial lawyers in the state.

This experience evaluating cases and determining which ones might have a chance of being successful means we can help you assess the viability of your issues. We can advise you on when a dispute warrants litigation or whether an alternative form of dispute resolution is better suited for your case. Our attorney has broad experience with court procedures and the required paperwork that needs to be filed. His practical approach to litigation will guide you through the system.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not every case is suited for a lawsuit in court. Especially for businesses, litigation can become very costly, time-consuming and distracting. It can take your focus away from operating your business. Some cases get better, faster and cheaper results using alternative dispute resolution options. These include arbitration and mediation. Both arbitration and mediation typically occur outside the court proceeding.


Arbitration is similar to court because you present your case to a neutral party for a decision. Arbitration can be final (“binding arbitration”) or nonbinding, depending on the circumstances and agreement of the parties. Many contracts contain mandatory arbitration clauses, and we can provide experienced counsel when negotiating and drafting your contracts.


Mediation is fundamentally different from arbitration. The mediation process attempts to bring the parties toward a resolution they craft for themselves, rather than imposing a decision upon them. A neutral mediator works with the parties, helping them see their options and work toward a consensus to resolve the dispute.

Most disputes and litigation settle before they go to trial or even during trial. Mediation can save a great deal of expense and time, sometimes achieving a settlement in a single day. We can help you determine if mediation is a viable option for your dispute.

Our attorney is familiar with arbitration and mediation and believes they are both excellent alternatives under the right circumstances.

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